Decorated cakes – At the very first beginning ! Spring 2011

//Decorated cakes – At the very first beginning ! Spring 2011

Decorated cakes – At the very first beginning ! Spring 2011

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Cake # 1!

After a year of increasing desire and purchasing of decorating tools, colors and rolling pins, I had finally come that point that I should make my first decorated marzipan cake.
Did the «frightned me» has  decide, the cake would not yet been made.  But fortunately I have a «pusher» in me too, and it pushed me gently and firmly into my first  cake. It was time :)

I promised no one the cake and made it in secret . When it was finished and looked pretty representabel,  it got to be in my grandson’s 2 birthday party , the same weekend!

Cake # 2!

In March, I made one more, now with greater enthusiasm and less fear. I made this for my mothers 79 birthday party  and she were so  touched and proud of me.

Cake # 3!

I have 3 beautiful grandchildren, and in May my youngest, a boy, had his 1. birthday party. I made him  a chocolate ganashe covered almond cake and made some decorations in marzipan. The elephant was a bit tricky to get right and I ended up with a lot elephants in the garbage before I got it right. To put the letters on a cake are not easy and I took it not seriously enough  and thought  .. It shows on the  result . But all in all it was a sweet cake, both within and out side!

Cake # 4!

Now it is started to get fun to plan on how my next cake should look like. I use a loooong time on each item as I have no experiens and every new thing must be thought out and tested. A flag that hangs down slightly and waving in the wind was a good piece of headaches to get the right proportions. The flowers and pearls was fun to make and less time consuming.
This cake makes me happy when I  see the pictures of, that indicate that I `m  satisfied with the result.


Roses, I have spent some time in recent weeks to make them. It’s fun to sit and puzzle with some marzipan, in any color, and practis.
There are so many different in the nature, no form is more correct than others. I have a fondness for the ‘tight’ roses, and are so happy when my husband comes home with a bouquet of them in red color. So I try to imitate the ones I like best:)

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