Patriotic Swiss Roll !

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Patriotic Swiss Roll !

Tilbake til oppskriften på norsk !

For the last 17 fantastic days, Norway has hosted the World Ski Championships in Oslo. Norway has won several of the most precious medals in several competitions, and the Norwegian spirit, like we had in the Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994, is sweeping over our country once again.
This is like Super Bowl for us. :)
Over the next two days, they will compete in cross country skiing, women`s 30 kilomerers and men`s 50 kilometers, and for that occasion I have made a cake in the colors of the Norwegian flag.

To make this cake, you need two Swiss Rolls, one red and one blue, but you are free to pick your own two colors. :)
I’ve used my recipe from the Post:
Red velvet Swiss Roll!

In the milk mixture for the two cakes,  I make one portion with Red food coloring and one with Royal Blue.
You can find the AmeriColors colors at:
TomsAnn cake art supplies!

The red cake can be made exactly as described in the recipe, but for the blue cake the recipe must be adjusted .

If you add blue color into a cocoa powder dough, the cake will turn gray. So, I added 1 oz (25 gr) more flour to substitute for cocoa powder.

I filled and covered the cake with : 1.5 portion
Velvety Cream Cheese frosting!

Each cake is divided into 4 strips cut lengthwise. I used the height of a spring form as measurement.
Start with one cake strip and spread a thin layer of frosting. Roll until the ends just meet, and cut off excess cake. Make a new layer with a strip from the other color cake. Make sure the joining areas are covered by the next layer.
As you can see, it is not necessary that everything looks absolutely perfect. The cake will be completely covered with frosting in the next step.

It would be smart to «crumb coat» the cake with a thin layer of frosting first, to “glue” all loose crumbs to the cake. Put the cake in the fridge for one hour before the final layer of frosting is added.

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