Vanilla Extract !

//Vanilla Extract !

Vanilla Extract !

Tilbake til oppskriften på norsk !

Vanilla is a wonderful spice and has a wonderful aroma. It contains over 100 flavors and it is rich, mild and sweet ..
Vanilla Sugar ( in Norway) is made from vanelin and contains only three components from vanilla.

By making your own vanilla extract to use  in your cakes, desserts and ice cream,  you will notice your baked goods will be a completely different experience to taste.

This is a recipe for a strong extract, which should stored for  minimum 8 weeks before using. After 8 weeks it is ready and I will add 3.5 dl  water to lower alcohol %.

I also put in a recipe to make vanilla extract to use as it is.

Vodka is the most  used base for the extract. Here I have filled a glass with 1 liter of vodka.

Vanilla beans are expensive in Norway. So I bought the Vanilla from Vanilla Products USA, and saved some money.

Grade B beans are not the fines quality, and they are  most commonly used in the extract. They are grade B because they don`t look   «nice».   They are to short or thin,  but ther is nothing wrong with the flavor .
To gain more flavor: I use 50/50 Tahitian  and Madagascar beans. They are a little different in taste as they grow in very different enviroments .

  • 12 Madagascar
  • 12 Thahitian
  • 1 liter vodka
  • Add 3.5 dl water after 8 weeks storage


  • 7 madagascar
  • 7 Thahitian
  • 1 liter vodka

To use as it is after 8 weeks.

Cut  the  in beans in halves, and   split them open lengthwise.

Put the cutted ans splitted beans  in the jar of liquor.

Tighten well and shake the jar. Placed  the jar in a kitchen cabinet to be shaked once a week. Jar should not be stored in day light.

The bottles in the picture above you can see my extract I made 4 months ago.  It`s a dark brown and tast delicious. When I poured the extract in to clean botles I also put in some of the vanilla beans from the jar,  so the process can continue.

Set date on the jar. Shake and wait for at least 8 wees. ENJOY

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